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Hot Mess ID by MetalHarpey Hot Mess ID by MetalHarpey
I felt like it was time for a new ID. Since the old one is from... 2004 or something? lol...

Made this for a contest too, but couldnt resist to make it an ID as well.
Contest held by :iconsilentreaper: for the comic Hot Mess [link]
It uses animals to display ones personality. The contest is also about this.

First let me explain about the harpy. Yes harpy. It displays me. She cannot fly because she is too heavy for her wings. Meaning: I'd like to be free, but theres too much holding me back to do so.
I've drawn her since i was like 12 or something, and shes still me.
I've edited the original one to the me in present time. I dont wear make-up, dont wear pants when i dont have to. I only wear black skirts and dresses. Nothing fancy, anything that doesnt make me look fat is fine.
Shes drawn skinny, tho im like a hippo :XD: this displays how i WANT to be. And the ponytail cuz umm... i always wear ponytail cuz my hair is so long -_____-''

Ok so the contest is about animals displaying parts of your personality. After long research (not really, but still), i found that Elephants can actually grief. So here goes...

Elephant: Heavy emotions like griefing, sadness, never forget anything important. They are heavy, caring and stay with the family at all times, even when it goes wrong. They stand up for each other, even those they dont know.

Lioness: Proud, strong sence of love, the care of a mother to her cubs, lazy but active when she has to. No waking her up or she gets mad. My anger outbursts are comparable with lionesses who protect their cubs.

Chihuahua (dog): Small and shakey (cuz they r cold, just like me?), get dressed up all the time (makes them emo :XD:), dont listen much and have a hard voice. Altho they are loyal too and reliable when it comes to it.

I guess thats me in that few animals. I dont need more.
Please note that i have BPD (borderline personality disorder), wich means I feel emotions like 10 times more then normal people. So this contest was personally hard to enter, but i still did it.

Concept and art (c) ~MetalHarpey
TirraMisu Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
Love the composition!
MetalHarpey Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
lolz ty :) for the :+fav: too :D
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April 28, 2011
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